How to Get Submachine Gun Pal in Palworld

[Solved] Palworld Session Search Error – Servers Not Showing – What’s Going On?

Palworld, the highly anticipated game, has taken the gaming community by storm with an astonishing achievement – over 1 million concurrent players on Steam. Released just recently, Palworld has become the talk of the gaming town, surpassing all expectations and setting records for concurrent player numbers. However, Pocketpair didn’t expect a response like this and it is affecting the servers. In this case, Palworld Servers are not showing up anymore and everyone is getting Session Search Error in Palworld.

[Solved] Palworld Session Search Error - Servers Not Showing – What's Going On?

What is Palworld Session Search Error

Palworld’s sudden and immense popularity has led to a surge in player numbers, overwhelming the game servers. Due to the high demand, players are experiencing difficulties connecting to multiplayer servers, impacting the overall gaming experience.

Some players are reporting that their dedicated servers are not appearing in the community server list, despite being active and accessible through direct IP connections. This error means the servers are currently overloaded and the game cannot handle it any more for now. Developers are actively looking into this matter and will come up with a fix as soon as possible.

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How To Fix Palworld Session Search Error

Patience is Key

The server connection issues are likely temporary and a result of the overwhelming demand. Players are encouraged to be patient and wait for the developers to address the server load.

Direct IP Connection

If your server is not showing in the community server list, try connecting directly using the server’s IP address. This can bypass the search issues and allow you to access your server.

Community Server Tab Check

Ensure that your Palworld client is correctly configured to display community servers. Check the community server tab and verify that it is actively searching for available servers.

Server Restart

If you’re hosting a dedicated server, consider restarting it. Sometimes, a server refresh can help it appear in the community server list.

Keep an eye on official Palworld channels for updates from the developers regarding server issues. They are likely working diligently to address the problems and provide a smoother gaming experience.

How to Get Submachine Gun Pal in Palworld

Final Words

The surge in Palworld’s popularity has led to unforeseen challenges in the form of multiplayer server issues. While players may currently face difficulties with servers not showing up, the developers are likely working to resolve these issues promptly. In the meantime, utilizing direct IP connections and staying informed about updates can help players navigate through these temporary setbacks. As the gaming community eagerly awaits a resolution, the Palworld team is expected to address the server load and ensure a seamless multiplayer experience for all players.

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