How to Get Larger Storage in Palworld

How to Get Larger Storage in Palworld

Palworld, the captivating multiplayer open-world survival crafting game, holds the promise of exciting adventures with mysterious creatures called “Pals.” In Palworld, efficient storage is crucial for managing items, resources, and crafted materials. If you’re looking to expand your storage capacity, this comprehensive guide will walk you through various methods to achieve larger storage in Palworld.

How to Get Larger Storage in Palworld

Manage Encumbrance

  • Be mindful of your character’s encumbrance level.
  • Split items into smaller stacks to reduce their weight.
  • Use the “Drop” function in your inventory for non-essential items.

Craft Storage Options

  • Start by crafting basic storage options like Wooden Chests.
  • Upgrade your storage units to larger options as you progress in the game.
  • Each upgraded storage option grants increased capacity.

Upgrade Your Base

  • Elevate your Palworld adventure by upgrading your base.
  • Completing objectives and expanding your base functionality will unlock more storage capabilities.
  • Higher base levels often come with additional storage features.

Wooden Barrel Shelf

  • Reach Level 8.
  • Go to the technology section and find the Wooden Barrel Shelf at Level 8.
  • Unlock the blue print.
  • Craft Wooden Barrel Shelf for more storage.

Wooden Barrel Shelf gives you 15 storage units in the storage unit.


By following these strategies, you’ll be able to increase your storage capacity in Palworld and maintain a well-organized inventory. Whether you’re crafting storage units, upgrading your base, or managing encumbrance, these methods will contribute to a more efficient storage system, allowing you to focus on your Palworld adventure.

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