How To Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword

How To Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword

Crafting powerful tools and progressing in Wandering Sword requires a crucial ingredient: Cinnabar. This precious resource can be a bit tricky to find, but fear not, adventurers! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to unearth Cinnabar’s hidden treasures.

The Importance of Cinnabar

Crafting Powerhouse

Cinnabar plays a key role in crafting numerous items, from essential tools like pickaxes and axes to powerful weapons and equipment.

Progression Booster

Having a steady supply of Cinnabar allows you to progress through the game at a faster pace by crafting the tools and equipment needed to conquer challenges and explore new areas.

How To Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword

How To Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword

Your search for Cinnabar will lead you to two key locations:

  1. Petalsfall Forest: This vibrant forest holds hidden pockets of Cinnabar scattered throughout. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore, and you might just stumble upon this valuable ore.
  2. Tiger Roar Mountain: Venture into the majestic Tiger Roar Mountain and scour its rugged terrain. Cinnabar deposits often hide within the mountain itself, waiting to be discovered.

Final Words

Cinnabar is a valuable resource in Wandering Sword, and knowing where to find it can significantly aid your progress. Explore Petalsfall Forest and Tiger Roar Mountain meticulously, keeping an eye out for hidden caches or visible deposits of Cinnabar. Remember, thorough exploration often yields the best results in acquiring this resource.

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