How to get Red Prince Armor Set (Outfit) in Remnant 2 DLC

How to get Crimson Guard Outfit in Remnant 2 DLC – Red Prince Armor

Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King brings new campaigns, quests, and decision-making into the mix. While the ending is also different for each of the paths you take, one of them will grant you the Crimson Guard Outfit in Remnant 2 DLC.

It is considered one of the best outfits in the new expansion of the game, as granted by the Red Prince himself, for your services. Now, let’s talk about the details of How to get Crimson Guard Outfit in Remnant 2.

Note: Some people refer to it as the Red Prince Armor as well, because of the similarity with his physical appearance of red, and crimson.

How to get Crimson Guard Outfit in Remnant 2 DLC - Red Prince Armor

Crimson Guard Outfit (Red Prince Armor) in Remnant 2 DLC

Fight and Defeat One True King

Reach the One True King in Losomn, Chamber of the Faithless, and talk to him. Choose the following dialogue options to pick a fight with him.

  • Calm Down, big boy
  • Let’s Fight

After you are teleported to the arena by the One True King, you will have to defeat him in combat.

Note: Whatever the case may be, either through Nimue or in the first dialogue, you just have to kill One True King.

Farm 3 Crimson King Coins

Head to the Gilded Chambers and get 3 Crimson King Coins by defeating the Tougher Fae, having swords and projectiles with them.

Farm 3 Crimson King Coins for Red Prince

Go to Red Prince

After you have the coins, just head to the Red Prince. He can be found in the Gilded Chambers in Losomn. Offer three coins as a tribute to him. Make sure, you are not offending the Red Prince. Select the following dialogue

  • Sure. Here is your tribute [Give Coins]

Afterward, he will summon 3 Crimson Spirits and get you killed. Don’t worry, you will revive. After you revive, you can head back to the Red Prince area, but he won’t be there.

Go to Red Prince and give him 3 Crimson King Coins

Go to the One True King Area Fight Area

Now, head to the One True King Area, where you fought him, and instead of others, you will find Red Prince.

Get Crimson Guard Outfit from Red Prince

Talk to Red Prince, and he will reward you with his Red Prince Armor, known as the Crimson Guard Outfit.

The Crimson Guard Armor Set includes the following gear items:

  • Crimson Guard Shroud
  • Crimson Guard Plate
  • Crimson Guard Gauntlets
  • Crimson Guard Sabotons


You can get Crimson Guard Outfit in Remnant 2 DLC by defeating One True King, going to Red Prince, and offering him 3 Crimson King Coins as tribute. After you do that, he will kill you and move to One True King Fighting Arena. Head there are being revived, and talk to Red Prince to get the Red Prince Armor Set.


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