How to Get Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch

How to Get Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch

Last Epoch brims with thrilling dungeons, each holding unique loot and challenges. But before you dive into the depths, you’ll need the key to unlock their secrets. Fear not, adventurer! This guide will equip you with the knowledge (and a few handy tricks) to secure those coveted dungeon keys and unleash your inner explorer.

How to Get Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch

Timeline Bosses

Slay enemies, especially Timeline Bosses in the Monolith of Fate. They have a high chance of dropping keys, and the higher your Item Rarity, the more likely you are to find multiples. Remember, even the smaller fry can hold a surprise key!

Golden Chests

Keep your eyes peeled for shimmering golden chests scattered throughout the world. These treasure troves often house dungeon keys alongside other valuable loot.

How to Get Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch

Random Loot Drops

Dungeon keys can sometimes be obtained as random loot drops from defeating enemies throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for enemies carrying these valuable keys and defeat them to obtain them.

Arena Rewards

Completing waves in the Arena of Champions can reward you with keys, especially at higher difficulty levels. Hone your combat skills and reap the rewards!

Vault of Uncertain Fate (Lightless Arbor Key)

This special dungeon key is unique to the Lightless Arbor and can be acquired as a reward from the Vaults of Uncertain Fate, a special dungeon reward specific to the Lightless Arbor.

Don’t fixate solely on keys. Enjoy the journey, explore the world, and relish the thrill of discovery. You might stumble upon a key when you least expect it! Keys are consumed upon entering a dungeon, so use them wisely.

Final Words

By utilizing these methods and staying vigilant in your adventures, you can successfully obtain dungeon keys in Last Epoch and unlock the mysteries hidden within the game’s dungeons. go on epic quests, face formidable challenges, and dive into the depths of dungeons with confidence as you wield the keys to unlock their secrets.

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