How to Get Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive

How to Get Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive

In the world of Pacific Drive, Thermosap Crystals are valuable resources needed for various purposes. These crystals are not found lying around like other resources but can be obtained through specific methods. Here’s how you can get Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive:

How to Get Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive

Explore Abandoned Police Cars

Keep an eye peeled for abandoned police cars called “Abandoned Squires.” They’re scattered around the highways and in the woods, often marked by their rooftop light brackets.

Utilize Your Scrapper

Use your scrapper tool to cut open the armored doors and panels of the abandoned police cars. Thermosap Crystals are usually hidden within these structures and can be extracted using the scrapper. Look for crystals that glow red, indicating their presence.

Liberator Advantage

If you’ve snagged the Liberator tool, you can remove entire armored doors and panels from Squires. Then, shred them at your garage’s Matter Deconstructor to extract the crystals.

Search for Sap Compressors

Instead of finding Thermosap Crystals directly, keep an eye out for Sap Compressors. These devices are used to compress sap into crystals. By locating Sap Compressors, you can extract Thermosap Crystals from them.

Delivery trucks and ARDA Investigator vehicles (armored delivery trucks) are less common than Squires, but they pack a bigger Thermosap Crystal punch. Stop and raid them whenever you come across them.

Once you unlock the Trading Post, consider bartering for Thermosap Crystals. Be mindful of exchange rates and have valuable scrap or other items to offer.

How to Get Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive

Final Words

With a keen eye, a bit of scavenging savvy, and some strategic trading, you’ll be swimming in Thermosap Crystals in no time. Remember, exploration, resourcefulness, and a touch of luck are your allies in the unforgiving yet thrilling world of Pacific Drive. Now get out there, scour for those crystals, and upgrade your ride to conquer the desolate highways!

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