How To Get Greenheart and Greenheart Planks in Skull and Bones

How To Get Greenheart and Greenheart Planks in Skull and Bones

Resources like Greenheart wood are essential for shipbuilding and upgrades in the Skull and Bones universe. But you have to refine this raw material for greenheart planks. Here’s a simple guide on how to find Greenheart and how to refine them and get Greenheart Planks.

Where to Find and Harvest Greenheart Wood

Greenheart wood can be collected by harvesting hardy trees located in the “Red Isle and Indian Ocean”. You can see the exact location in the picture below and to harvest them you will need a saw tool. This is the common version; you will have to refine it as well for the greenwood planks. So let’s see how we can do that.

How to Get Greenheart Planks

Once you’ve gathered a sufficient amount of Greenheart wood, rush to the refinery to them Refine it into Greenheart Planks.

Refining Greenheart wood is a consistent method to obtain Greenheart Planks, which are essential for ship construction, weapons, and upgrades as well. One Greenheart plank will require 5 raw Greenheart woods.

If you’re not in the mood for harvesting and want the job done as soon as possible, you can buy the planks from the vendor located in the “Port I’Hermine Region” you can see the exact location in the picture below, it is just next to the harvesting area you will easily find it after seeing the picture below.

But keep in mind that these planks will cost a lot so we recommend that instead of buying you should harvest the wood and refine them into planks. 14 Greenheart planks will cost you 1540 silver coins.

Final Words

By following these steps and exploring the rich maritime world of Skull and Bones, you’ll embark on thrilling adventures while gathering the precious resource of Greenheart wood to fuel your naval endeavors.

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