How To Get Ironwood and Ironwood Planks in Skull and Bones

How To Get Ironwood and Ironwood Planks in Skull and Bones

In the vast expanse of the Skull and Bones universe, resources like Ironwood are essential for shipbuilding and upgrades. Here’s a simple guide on how to find Ironwood in the game:

Harvesting Ironwood

Ironwood can be found in resource nodes scattered across the open world of Skull and Bones. These nodes are typically located in wooded areas or along coastlines. To gather Ironwood, you’ll need to equip the Saw tool, which allows you to harvest it effectively.

How To Get Ironwood and Ironwood Planks in Skull and Bones

Ironwood Location in Skull and Bones

One notable location where Ironwood can be plentifully found is the Logam Highlands, situated northeast from Sainte-Anne. As you sail towards the Eastern Basin, keep an eye out for this expansive region. The Logam Highlands are known for their abundant reserves of Ironwood.

Make Ironwood Planks

Once you’ve gathered a sufficient amount of Ironwood, Refine it into Ironwood Planks at the Refinery. Refining Ironwood is a consistent method to obtain Ironwood Planks, which are essential for ship construction and upgrades. Remember to bring along your Saw tool for harvesting. One Ironwood Plank requires 5 Ironwood and 5 silver. You can use our silver farming guide to farm silver.

Final Words

By following these steps and exploring the rich maritime world of Skull and Bones, you’ll embark on thrilling adventures while gathering the precious resource of Ironwood to fuel your naval endeavors. Happy sailing!

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