How to get rid of Repetitive Clicking in Outpath? One Click Upgrade!

How to get rid of Repetitive Clicking in Outpath? One Click Upgrade!

Outpath is the latest clicker game and a perfect mix between Forager and Minecraft. You start in this colorful 2D Block World, just like Minecraft, where you have to click repetitively on the resources to gather them, much like Forager.

Being a clicker game means, you have to click a lot to get the resources necessary to proceed onwards with the game, but that is sometimes too burdensome.

Now, the next question that comes to mind is “How to Get Rid of the repetitive clicking in Outpath“. There is a One Click Upgrade in the game, that allows you to single-click hold on the resource and gather them after a few seconds. Let’s get to the topic at hand here.

Repetitive Clicking in Outpath to One Click Upgrade

What is Repetitive Clicking?

Most of the time gamers have to utilize speed-clicking on their mouse to perform the task, either finishing the enemies, opening the locked doors, or simply gathering resources.

While most games have it in common, others don’t like to add this factor too much in the game because it becomes a burden for the players to always click on their mouse repetitively.

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How to Change Outpath Repetitive Clicking to Single Click Gather Resource?

In the world of Outpath, you have to gather resources and utilize them for your survival. But, to together those resources, you will have to repetitively click on the mouse while hovering over your resources.

Yes, it is a burden on the players, as you have to do it after every second or so. There is another way around it as well that changes your Repetitive Clicking to a Single Click to Gather Resources.

To unlock this, you will have to first play the game and reach a specific level. After that level, you will have the option to hold the mouse click and it will automatically gather the resources, which is much effortless and better.

Outpath is a game developed by David Moralejo Sanchez, and published under the UpgradePoint and GrabTheGames. A one-person experimental building game, focused on the clicker aspect to gather resources and manage them to craft things in a 2D Blocks World.

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