How To Get Shotgun Rail In Sons Of The Forest

How To Get Shotgun Rail In Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of the Forest is a survival game where players are stranded on a mysterious island and must fend off cannibals while trying to escape. In this game, arming yourself with the right weapons and attachments can be the difference between life and death. In this post, we will see how we can find Shotgun Rail in Sons of the Forest.

Location of the bunker

On the eastern side of the island, you will find a bunker “Food and Dining” inside a cave. You can see the exact location of the island in the picture below. After reaching there look around you will see the main entrance of the cave in the same picture below.

Go near the entrance and press the action button, you will enter the cave through that narrow path. After that start running forward and you will see a Manhole. Open it and use the ladders to enter the bunker.

Steps leading to Shotgun Rail in the Bunker

  • After entering the bunker, look to the right side you will see a closed door, go near it.
  • This door will only open if you scan the Keycard.
  • After opening the door start moving and don’t stop until you cross three doors and enter a dark room.
  • Keep your flashlight on.
  • After taking some steps there will be a door on your left side.
  • Be careful because this part will be flooded with water.
  • Cross the starting 3 rooms until you find the control hall.
  • After entering the hallway, continue moving forward for a bit longer.
  • You will see a room on your left.
  • After entering the room walk up the stairs that will lead you to another room on your left side.
  • You will enter a Main Control Room, and next to the door, on the left side, you will see a shotgun rail placed on the rack. check the picture below it should look like this.
  • Simply press the action key and pick up the rail along with the bullets.

Final Words

Now go forth, armed with your newfound attachments, and dominate the wilderness of Sons of the Forest! Remember, practice makes perfect, so hone your aiming skills to become a true master marksman. Happy hunting!

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