[Solved] Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Not Working

[Solved] Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Not Working

Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival horror simulator where players must navigate a treacherous island filled with dangers, mysteries, and terrifying creatures. Set as a sequel to The Forest, players are tasked with uncovering the secrets of a remote island while struggling to survive against its hostile inhabitants.

Are you experiencing issues with your winter jacket in Sons Of The Forest? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many players have encountered problems with the functionality of this essential item. But fear not, we’re here to help you troubleshoot and get back to staying warm and dry in the game.

[Solved] Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Not Working

What is the issue?

Before we dive into solutions, let’s understand the problem. Some players have reported that their winter jackets seem ineffective at keeping them warm and dry, despite wearing them in the game’s cold and wet environments.

Is it the Jacket or the Weather?

Check the Temperature

Is it actually cold enough for the jacket to be needed? The Winter Jacket primarily protects against snow and colder temperatures, not just any chill.

Exposure Matters

Even with the jacket, prolonged exposure to extreme cold will still make you feel cold. Seek shelter or build a fire for additional warmth.

How To Fix Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Not Working

First things first, make sure you actually have the winter jacket equipped. Sometimes, players forget to equip the jacket or accidentally unequip it during gameplay. Double-check your inventory to ensure the jacket is equipped properly.

Make sure the Winter Jacket you’re wearing has actual warmth stats. Some craftable versions might be decorative and not offer protection.

Sometimes, glitches can affect the jacket’s functionality. Try restarting the game or reloading your save to see if it resolves the issue.

Combine the Winter Jacket with other warm clothing like pants, gloves, and hats for maximum protection. Use campfires, torches, or other heat sources to warm up quickly when needed.

Why Winter Jacket Feels Underpowered?

Imagine you’re huddled by a crackling fire in your cozy cabin during a clear winter night at the Forest’s edge. The air temperature is a chilly -2°C, but the Winter Jacket’s 100% thermal protection keeps you toasty. Your body temperature calculation would be:

-2°C (air) + 10°C (jacket) – 0°C (wetness) = 8°C (comfortable, no stamina loss)

Now, picture yourself braving a blizzard while wearing the Winter Jacket. The air temperature remains -2°C, but the snow quickly soaks your clothes, negating the jacket’s protection. Your body temperature plummets:

-2°C (air) + 0°C (jacket) – 5°C (wetness) = -7°C (cold, 30% stamina loss)

The crux of the issue lies in the wetness mechanics. Snowy weather rapidly increases your wetness to 100%, effectively negating the Winter Jacket’s thermal protection. Additionally, the current wetness protection offered by most clothing doesn’t seem to significantly impact gameplay.

There’s a surprising workaround: the wetsuit. While it doesn’t offer much thermal protection itself, its unique ability to completely prevent wetness increase makes it surprisingly effective in snowy weather. So, if you find yourself caught in a blizzard:

  1. Dry off completely before putting on the wetsuit (standing in a shelter for a few seconds usually does the trick).
  2. Equip the wetsuit. Since you’re already dry, your wetness won’t increase even in the snow.
[Solved] Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Not Working

Contact Support

If all else fails, consider reaching out to the game’s support team for assistance. Provide detailed information about the issue you’re experiencing, including any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken. The support team may be able to offer personalized assistance or escalate the issue for further investigation.

Final Words

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can hopefully resolve any issues you’re experiencing with your winter jacket in Sons Of The Forest and get back to enjoying the game’s immersive survival experience. Stay warm out there!

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