How to heal in Apocalypse Party

How to heal in Apocalypse Party

Healing in Apocalypse Party is a mechanism that few know how to utilize. In this guide, we will show you How to heal in Apocalypse Party.

Apocalypse Party is a rogue-like game with 3D top-down graphics and action-packed gameplay. You are tasked with traveling the world in middle age, getting new abilities, becoming stronger, and tackling the odds.

Healing is by far one of the most used mechanisms in the game. You will have to fight deadly enemies coming your way, and thus, healing is something you have to be familiar with.

How to heal in Apocalypse Party

AHealing in Apocalypse Party

In Apocalypse Party, the statues heal you. Also, some passive abilities in the game heal you like killing enemies with melee or surviving longer.

If survival is the main thing you are looking for, then you might want to go ahead and get armor passives, as they are the best ones to block the damage.

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