How to Make Stone Helm in Backpack Battles

How to Make Stone Helm in Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a super fun strategy game where how you organize your stuff matters just as much as what you collect! It’s like inventory Tetris meets auto-battling. You’ll snag cool loot, craft powerful gear, and then test your backpack-packing skills against other players.

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Why You Want the Stone Helm

In Backpack Battles, staying alive is just as important as dishing out damage. The Stone Helm is a fantastic defensive item that’ll keep you in the fight longer. Here’s what it does:

  • Damage Reduction: Takes a chunk off incoming attacks for a short time.
  • Big Block Boost: Makes you harder to hit with regular attacks.
How to Make Stone Helm in Backpack Battles

How to Craft the Stone Helm

You won’t just find the Stone Helm lying around. To get your hands on this protective headgear, you’ll need to do a bit of in-backpack crafting. Here’s the recipe:


  • Cap of Resilience: A basic helmet that provides some protection.
  • Stone Skin Potion: This magical potion temporarily toughens your skin.
  1. You’ll need to snag a Cap of Resilience and a Stone Skin Potion during your battles. These items aren’t super rare, so you should find them pretty easily.
  2. Place the Cap of Resilience and the Stone Skin Potion next to each other in your backpack. It doesn’t matter which one is on the left or right, just make sure they’re touching!
  3. The cool thing about Backpack Battles is that crafting happens automatically during a fight. Once those two items are together, they’ll combine to create the Stone Helm!
How to Make Stone Helm in Backpack Battles

Final Words

The Stone Helm’s effects wear off quickly, so try to use it right before a big enemy attack. If you can, combine the Stone Helm with other defensive items or buffs for even more protection.  If you’re facing someone who hits with lots of small attacks, the Stone Helm might not be the best choice.

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