How To Win The Training Gym Minigame Crunch-Off Guide Final Fantasy 7 RebirthHow To Win The Training Gym Minigame Crunch-Off Guide Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

How To Win The Training Gym Minigame Crunch-Off Guide Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the most amazing part is the minigames and in this article, we will guide you on how to unlock this amusing challenge and how you can win. This minigame is known as The Training Gym Minigame in which you have to compete against other bodybuilders in a Crunch-Off challenge.

How to Unlock the Minigame

You can’t unlock this training gym minigame until you have reached chapter 7. This minigame requires you to complete some side quests to unlock it. In the Costa del Sol region, you have to complete a quest known as “Rendezvous in Costa del Sol”.

This quest is also interesting as you have to perform some fun tasks. The first task will be shooting some boards to reach a certain number of points. Second will play soccer, and in the last part, you have to fight giant crabs in the coastal area.

To activate this quest, you have to interact with a board and apply for the job. You can see the exact location of the board in the picture below.

Upon completion of this first quest, you will automatically get another quest known as “Bodybuilder in Bind”.

The bodybuilder will come to you and ask for your help to eradicate all the monsters from the gym area. You can see the exact location of the gym in the picture below.

Now by completing these side-quests, you will be allowed to enter the minigame.

Crunch-Off Guide

After entering the gym, you will have some conversations with the bodybuilders and there you will be challenged for crunch-off.

There will be four levels and difficulty increases as you proceed in this challenge.

There is a special technique to win this challenge, you have to memorize and follow a special pattern to win this challenge. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • You will have to follow a special pattern so your character can reach the maximum no of crunches.
  • Try to avoid pressing the wrong button while following the pattern.
  • Try to memorize the pattern.
  • There will be some points where you have to hold or you have to press multiple times, a single button.
  • Ignore the timer and try your best to reach max no of crunches without missing any points.
  • Difficulty level will also increase with the levels.


Here is the list of the amazing rewards that you will receive after winning each level of the minigame.

  • Winning at the basic level you will get 3 Celeries.
  • Defeating Rank 1 bodybuilder you will receive a Supernatural Wrist guard.
  • Defeating Rank 2 bodybuilder you will receive a Chakra Materia.
  • Defeating Rank 3 bodybuilder you will receive a charming Champion Belt.

Final Words

So, stay focused throughout the challenge because against higher-ranked bodybuilders you have the chance to make a single mistake or miss any point.

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