How to Pet the Dog in Diablo 4

How to Pet the Dog in Diablo 4

The Forbidden Knowledge, the source of all power and magic in the game. Yes, we are talking about the ability to Pet the Dog in Diablo 4. Can you do that or can’t you? We will be sharing that knowledge with you here in our How-to guide.

Developers are known to put extra bits of funny stuff in the game as a treat for gamers. You can find pets in the game, but the question is can you pet them?

As a good citizen of the Diablo 4 community, you need pets with you on the journey, and here’s how to get them.

Can you Pet in Diablo 4?

Yes, you can actually Pet in the game, especially your dog. Even the beasts can’t resist the cuteness of dogs in the game and you can see that in Lilith’s eyes.

How to Pet a Dog?

Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and approach the dog. Press E or the up arrow on the controller to open the Action Menu. Say Hello to the Dog. That’s it! Yes, you just petted a dog in Diablo 4, congratulations!

Keep in mind that you can’t pet every dog in the game. You can try your luck on the Fluffy Black Dogs that are found in the cities. A few selected ones can use said hello to.

This might not be permanent because it’s Beta Phase. In the official release, you might be able to pet every creature in the game.

How to Pet the Dog in Diablo 4


So, that’s How to Pet a Dog in Diablo 4. Just try your luck on dogs by going near them and pressing the Hello Emote. Would be cool if you could pet every creature in the game, but still, something is better than nothing!

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