How to Remove the Curses in BG3

How to Remove the Curses in BG3

Unwanted curses can hinder your adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3, but fear not! Here’s a simple walkthrough to rid yourself of these pesky hexes.

Curses like Tharchiate Withering can be a bother, but you can cast them away using specific spells or items.

How to Remove the Curses in BG3

Use the ‘Remove Curse’ Spell

Characters need to access the ‘Remove Curse’ spell, a level 3 spell. Cast the spell on the cursed creature or object to dispel the curse.

Find a Scroll of Remove Curse

Look for the scroll in places like Shadowheart’s spell book. Once acquired, use the scroll like a spell to remove curses from yourself or objects.

Final Words

By employing these straightforward methods – utilizing the ‘Remove Curse’ spell or finding a scroll – you can effectively remove curses like Tharchiate Withering in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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