How to Share Premium Content on TikTok

How to Share Premium Content on TikTok

Every Social Media company is going forward towards a paid plan where they filter out specific users who can get the premium service by throwing some cash. Sadly, TikTok is also shifting towards it, and here’s How to Share Premium Content on TikTok.

What’s TikTok Series Feature?

TikTok is rolling out a feature called Series that will put the premium content separately locked by a payment method. While TikTok says “it is a new way for the creators to share stories, creativity, and talents as premium content and making the connection with their community stronger”

How to Share Premium Content on TikTok through Series

How to get TikTok Series?

Well, it is in the early stages and only a few users can use it. After a while, more creators will be able to utilize the TikTok Series and share premium content on TikTok. You will have to apply for access a few months from now if you are not in the chosen category.

What’s the Price of TikTok Premium and Series?

TikTok Premium price depends on the people who have early access. They will control the price or the TikTok Premium for themselves and those who don’t have access will have to pay the price allotted by TikTok itself.

TikTok Premium Features

  • Creators using the Series Feature will make a collection and add 80 videos to it.
  • These views will “per piece” be longer than 20 minutes
  • Longer form video format for creators
TikTok Premium Features

What’re the limitations?

Just like always, even if you are paying extra, it doesn’t mean that you can control everything. There are going to be limitations here, bounded by the TikTok Community Guidelines.


Here’s How to Share Premium Content on TikTok. Yes, we know that everything is now having a separate section for creators who are paying them, but it does break the line between people who are serious about the matter and those who are just there to pass the time.

The TikTok Premium lets you do longer video formats, but it does have the guidelines you have to follow to actually remain a creator.

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