How to Solve the Note's Riddle Quest in Diablo 4

How to Solve the Note’s Riddle Quest in Diablo 4

In the massive world of Diablo 4, you will find a ton of tasks, some of them are easy, some of them are hard, while others… they are just frustrating to do. One such instance is “Secret of the Spring” where you will have to solve the note’s riddle quest in Diablo 4. Don’t know how? Here’s a guide to help you out.

What is Note’s Riddle Quest?

In the Secret of the Spring mission, once you reach Kylsik Plateau, you will discover a note with a puzzle here. Some spend hours on this puzzle, while others simply do it in seconds.

Trying hard isn’t the answer to this question, rather how to do it is the key. Once you are done with the puzzle, you will be able to get prizes and rewards that make up for your valuable time.

How to Solve the Note’s Riddle Quest in Diablo 4?

In the Kylsik Plateau, you will find the Notes Riddle Quest. A discarded note is present which will allow you to start the quest after opening the book and reading it.

It has a message written in it that says “Beacon of Warmth in Winter’s Embrace, Patience repaid by nature’s own grace”. Patience is something that you will have to emphasize here while doing the Notes Riddle Quest.

Being Patient about the situation doesn’t mean things are going to get well for you. You need to use the “Wait Emoji” to solve the Notes Riddle in Diablo 4.

How to Solve the Note’s Riddle Quest in Diablo 4

How to use Wait Emoji?

To use the Emoji, you just have to open the Emoticon Wheel and use the emoji. In case you can’t see that there, you can use the Customization option to put it there. That’s it!


Many of the players got stuck in the puzzle while doing the “Secret of Spring” quest in the game. In order to solve the Notes Riddle Puzzle Quest in Diablo 4, you just have to use the “Wait Emoji”. Follow the steps below;

  • Pick the Note from the ground in Kyovashad below the Abandoned Quarry
  • Note the Blue Circle
  • Follow the route to reach the location
  • Near the puzzle use the Wait Emoji in the Emoticon

That’s it! you completed the Note Puzzle in Diablo 4.

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