How to Turn My Pet Into Disney Character - TikTok Disney Dog Filter

How to Turn My Pet Into Disney Character – TikTok Disney Dog Filter

TikTok filters are a new realm of entertainment, as users utilize them to turn themselves into various characters. One of the viral TikTok trends includes a pet as a Disney character, whether it is a dog, cat, or any other. Let’s talk about How to Turn Your Pet into Disney Character using the TikTok Disney Dog Filter method and also generating image through AI.

How to Turn My Pet Into Disney Character - TikTok Disney Dog Filter

With the advancement and global introduction of Artificial Intelligence, TikTok and other social media applications started rolling out new AI-based Filters that could turn others into various characters, either from movies, anime, or even cartoons.

We all would love to see our cute dogs and cats, turned into those cartoon characters from Disney, right? Well, that is all just available to you for free on the social media app TikTok, or generative AI on Bing. Here’s how to do it.

Steps to Turn Pet (Dog) Into a Disney Character

To turn your cute pet dog or cat into a Disney Character, you will have to utilize various AI tools available for free. Starting with Microsoft Bing, you can get the Image Creator that creates AI images you love.

Then, you will have to search the function of Bing’s Image Creator, by using a template/prompt “Disney Pixar Movie inspired pet character with the title (PET NAME) featuring (YOUR PET BREED, COLOR, AND ANY OTHER CHARACTERISTICS). Make the scene in a digital art similar to Pixar, with vibrant colors, textures, and character expression, similar to that of the Pixar Animation.

It will generate the images for you, but you will have to be patient till the AI generates the image. Then, you can generate more images through the same app. Download afterward and add that image to the TikTok Video.

While this is merely a beginner’s prompt for AI generation, there are many things you can add here, including tags, features, eyes, noses, mouths, quotes, and the sky’s the limit. You can keep adding more information till AI Generates a similar image to that of your pet, dog, or cat.

How to Turn My Pet Into Disney Character - TikTok Disney Dog Filter

Using TikTok Disney Dog Filter

There is no TikTok Disney Dog Filter, but there is one on Snapchat that users are using to turn their Dog Into a Disney Character, with beautiful eyes and a nose. Here’s how to use it.

  • Open Snapchat on your Smartphone
  • Head over to filters or camera
  • Search for Disney Dog Filter
  • Take the snap of your dog in that filter
  • Save it in the gallery
  • Upload the Dog’s snap in Disney Filter to TikTok

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