4 Best Websites To Watch Pluto Anime For Free Online

4 Best Websites To Watch Pluto Anime For Free Online

Pluto Anime Adaptation has finally been revealed to the public through Netflix, a popular streaming platform. But, it does cost to watch things on Netflix, and for that, we have here the 4 Best Websites To Watch Pluto Anime For Free Online.

4 Best Websites To Watch Pluto Anime For Free Online

Pluto is a manga written by Naoki Urasawa, where robots and humans live together in a futuristic world. The advancement in technology has reached a place where robots have human-like emotions, but somewhere someone is targeting both humans and robots. To tackle that, a robot inspector Gesicht is investigating the scenes and getting to the end of the murder cases.

The written manga got a lot of recognition from fans, and being somewhat new in the industry, recognition is something valuable. Thus, Netflix stepped forward and started working on Pluto’s Anime. All the 8 episodes were released on October 26, 2024, on Netflix. Here are some websites that you can use to watch Pluto Free.


Pluto is exclusive to Netflix, but some popular websites are providing free access to Pluto Anime. One of them is the 123Movies.services. It has a simple design, with Season 1 Episodes available vertically to select.

You can also go ahead and download the Episodes of Pluto Anime, selecting the Quality and the format you like.

Zoro To Anime

Another popular free Anime Website that you can also use to watch Pluto For Free. It has skip options, auto-play options, and even the ability to change the lights on the website for more focus on the screen.

You can simply head over to the Zorox.to to start watching Pluto Online through this website. Keep in mind that there is a choice of EN (English), and JP (Japan), on the top of the website. You can select that to change between the English and Japanese versions.


You might have heard of Anix, a small Website available for users to watch free shows and anime. It is quite similar to Zorox, in the sense that both have the same design and same options.

But, instead of the vertical tabs to select the episodes, there are horizontal. All the season 1 episodes of Pluto Anime are listed from 1 to 8 in the horizontal format.


One of the most popular Anime streaming websites, 9 Anime is also providing users with all 8 episodes of Pluto Anime. If you are looking for the Best Websites to Watch Pluto Anime for Free Online, then our suggestion is 9Animes because of its authenticity and features.

There is no fuss around the website. Just click on the link and start watching the Pluto Anime in English.

What is the Story of Pluto Anime?

Pluto was written by Naoki Urasawa and turned into an Anime Adaptation by Netflix, exclusively available on the streaming service. Pluto is very similar to Astro Boy, in the sense that the anime takes place in a futuristic world where robots have human-like feelings.

But, the whole story of Pluto isn’t that straightforward, as mysteriously humans and robots are getting murdered. Another mystery that bounds the audience is that all the robots who were doing good to restore nature were murdered, alongside their human pair. At that moment, an investigator steps forward and tries to solve the mystery.

Pluto Anime Story Explained

Pluto’s Anime Ending Explained

The detective’s name is Gesicht (one of the protagonists) working under Europol, and has an alloy body, with strong weapons, being one of the best people for the murder case.

When he starts putting the clues together, he finds a unique patterns here, aiming for a series of strong robots working to change the world. There are 7 of those robots in existence.

As the detective goes deeper, he finds himself in a war, also killing humans, which he never wanted to do. This results in the creator of Gesicht removing his memories.

Why did Gesicht Commit Murder and Turn Against Humans?

The detective was a fatherly figure, turned from a fighting robot by his creator. His main purpose is to protect his grandson – Robita, but later kidnapped and killed. This turns Gesicht into a human-hating robot, killing the murderer.

Pluto and Super Robots

The murderer behind the 7 robots and humans is named Pluto, created by a former head of the Persian Ministry. Abullah also had a similar story as Gesicht – The Detective, as his son died in the war in Central Asia. Thus, Abullah took the vengeful memories and planted them in Pluto.

Alongside Pluto, Bora, another powerful robot was unchained. Other Western superpower countries including the US intervened, throwing their super robots into another field, and misinterpreting Persians’ Intentions.

Atom and Pluto’s Sacrifice

Pluto showcases Atom, who is one of the 7 most deadly robots, and Atom tries to stop the destruction by Bora, resulting in various robots, humans, and also the detective dying.

Atom stands in front of Pluto, making a connection and changing the nature of Pluto. Atom forgives Pluto, putting an end to the destruction, but later Bora confronts them, and Pluto gets in the way to save Atom, sacrificing himself.

When Pluto died, there was a massive explosion, resulting in stunning Bora for good, and saving Atom.

The End

The ending was filled with emotions, showcasing the side effects of a war between superpowers and misinterpreting others. But, we also got to witness a change of heart through acts of kindness, forgiveness, and saving others. Thus, the Ending of Pluto Anime put a permanent stamp into the hearts of viewers, giving a life lesson, no one will ever forget.

Pluto Anime Ending - Pluto sacrificing himself for Atom, killing himself and neutralizing Bora.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was Pluto Anime Released?

It was released on 26th October 2023, exclusively on Netflix.

Should I watch Pluto’s Anime?

Yes, Pluto Anime is a short 8-episode season that you should watch, providing a valuable life lesson, an act of forgiveness, and mindlessness.

Can I Watch Pluto’s Anime for Free?

Yes, there are many websites through which you can watch Pluto Anime for free.

Which is the best Website to Watch Pluto Anime Free?

9Animes is one of the best websites to watch Pluto Anime for free Online, but there are also other valuable sites like Zoroxto, 123 Movies, and Anix.to, through which you can watch Pluto for free.

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