How To Unlock Mystic Spearhand in Dragon's Dogma 2

How To Unlock Mystic Spearhand in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you’re into Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’re probably looking for cool ways to kick some serious monster butt. And if that’s the case, the Mystic Spearhand class is definitely something to check out. It’s this awesome mix of stabbing things with a spear and blasting them with magic. Seriously, what’s not to love?

How To Unlock Mystic Spearhand in Dragon's Dogma 2

So, How Do You Get This Sweet Class?

You can unlock the Mystic Spearhand pretty early in the game. The main thing is to follow the story quests until you end up in this place called Harve Village. It’s a small place near the coast, and you’ll be fighting off some nasty lizard-like creatures called Saurians.

After you show those Saurians who’s boss, head towards the eastern side of the village. Look for a small hut – that’s where you’ll find a warrior named Sigurd chilling out.

The key here is to make sure you impress Sigurd during the fight. If he thinks you’re a total badass, he’ll offer to teach you the ways of the Mystic Spearhand right away! You can then go to the local Inn and switch to this awesome class.

Wait, Why Should I Even Bother with the Mystic Spearhand?

 Spears are decent for poking enemies, and adding magic to the mix is just unfair! You can smack things from a distance or use your skills to get up in a monster’s face. It’s one of the coolest hybrid classes, and you can unlock it without too much hassle.

How To Unlock Mystic Spearhand in Dragon's Dogma 2

Final Words

You’ll need some of those Discipline Points (DCP) if you want to switch to Mystic Spearhand. Like, 200, so start saving! If Sigurd doesn’t seem impressed by your fighting, don’t worry. You might need to finish a couple of small side quests or take a nap and come back later. That should do the trick.

I think the Mystic Spearhand is a blast. And getting it early on gives you this crazy advantage as you explore the world.

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