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How To Upgrade Bench In Nightingale

In Nightingale, crafting plays a crucial role in survival. To improve your gear and weapons, you’ll need to upgrade your bench. This guide will walk you through the process of upgrading your bench in Nightingale, allowing you to craft and enhance various tools and weapons to aid you in your adventures.

How To Upgrade Bench In Nightingale

Crafting Stations

Nightingale offers several crafting stations, each with its own upgrade path. Here are the main ones:

  • Simple Workbench: Your starting station, good for basic tools and gear. Upgrade to Refined Workbench for better options.
  • Simple Tanning Station: Processes hides into leather. Upgrade to Refined Tanning Station for higher quality leather.
  • Simple Sewing Bench: Makes basic clothing and armor. Upgrade to Refined Sewing Bench for higher-tier equipment.
  • Simple Alchemy Station: Mixes potions and buffs. Upgrade to Refined Alchemy Station for stronger creations.

Gather the Goods

Each upgrade requires specific materials. Check the crafting menu for your desired workbench to see what you need. It might be wood, stone, essence, or other resources you can gather or buy.

Build Your Upgrade

Head to a Construction Kit or Alchemy Station (depending on the workbench). Find the upgrade option in the crafting menu and make sure you have all the materials. Click “Craft” and voila! Your workbench is leveled up!

Final Words

Remember, crafting is a key part of Nightingale, so enjoy the process, experiment with different materials, and soon you’ll be a master builder with the best gear in the realm! Happy crafting!tunesharemore_vert

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