Use Emote in Warhammer Darktide

How to Use Emote in Warhammer Darktide: Emote Button!

Warhammer 40k Darktide is a viral first-person action-shooter game that was masculine at one point without any emotes and funky stuff. But, players demanded them to add the emote feature in their latest installment the Warhammer 40,000 Darktide.

The next thing we know is that they added this feature, but players are still not sure How to Use Emote in Warhammer Darktide. For the most part, there is an Emote Button in Warhammer Darktide, that you can use to perform emote actions, standing at a specific spot. Let’s get to the details below.

Why was there no Emote in Darktide?

As we already mentioned Warhammer has always been about masculinity, with massive male and female soldiers in combat, fighting similarly-looking enemies.

All the characters are buffed and have serious or mature-looking facial expressions. Therefore, adding Emotes to these characters wouldn’t seem that well off.

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Why did they add Emote now?

So, the time for that masculinity has long gone, and people want to use those emotes in nearly every game possible, whether that game character design suits the emotes or not.

Warhammer Darktide has serious characters and players thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if the characters started dancing around, and had that same series expression”? That is exactly what the developers did.

If it were done before, the gaming community would back-lash the developers for doing that. But, in today’s era, this suits the gaming industry.

Where can you use Warhammer Darktide Emotes?

To use Emotes in Warhammer 40k Darktide, you will have to go to the Morningstar, a social hub in the game, where players can interact with one another before starting their mission.

The developers have made the Emote feature exclusive to the Morningstar, and you can’t use them while playing the actual mission of the game. There are other instances as well, where you can use the Emotes.

  • During player crashes
  • Waiting area
  • Elevator Rides
  • Any area where you are not in actual gameplay
Cosmetic Emotes in Warhammer Darktide.

How to Use Emotes in Warhammer Darktide?

To use Emotes, you will first have to equip Emotes from the Manu. To do that, Press Escape>Go to Menu>Click Operative>Click Cosmetics>Emote Section. Here, you can find a Box that has 5 options to select the Emotes.

On the left side, you will find a window that has all Emotes available in Warhammer Darktide. Click and equip them in the box. Go back to the game, and press the Space Key or Jump Button to bring up the Emote Selection Wheel. The five emotes are displayed here and you can select the one you like.

You can also remove or unequip the emotes through the following method. Head over to the Menu>Operative>Cosmetics>Emotes and remove them from there. Replacing is also similar.

How to Use Emotes in Warhammer Darktide.

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