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How To Use FF16 HeatWave (Final Fantasy 16)

Final Fantasy 16, the latest installment in the iconic Final Fantasy series, offers players a vast and immersive world filled with exciting features and abilities. Among these abilities, Heatwave stands out as a powerful tool for both offense and defense. Mastering Heatwave can greatly enhance your combat experience and give you an edge in battles. In this guide, we will explore How To Use FF16 HeatWave (Final Fantasy 16), allowing you to unleash its fiery potential. Let’s dive in!

How To Use FF16 HeatWave (Final Fantasy 16)

How To Use FF16 HeatWave (Final Fantasy 16)

How to Unlock Heatwave in Final Fantasy 16

Heatwave is tied to the Phoenix Eikon, one of the mighty beings in Final Fantasy 16. To unlock this fiery ability, you need to progress through the game until you complete the quest, “Summoner’s Awakening”. Once you’ve accomplished this quest, you will gain access to Phoenix’s abilities, including Heatwave.

Heatwave is a powerful counter move that harnesses the fire element to defend yourself and deal damage to enemies. When using Heatwave, it creates a wall of liquid flame that dispels projectiles before launching destructive shockwaves towards your foes.

The number of shockwaves and the cooldown reduction of the ability depend on your successful projectile dispels. By adjusting the execution, you can also control the direction of the shockwaves, making Heatwave a versatile and adaptable ability.

Using Heatwave Effectively in Final Fantasy 16

To use Heatwave effectively, you must focus on dispelling enemy projectiles. Successfully dispelling a shot not only increases the number of subsequent shockwaves but also shortens the ability cooldown by 33%.

This means that the more projectiles you dispel, the more devastating your Heatwave attacks become. Timing and precision are crucial when countering enemy projectiles to maximize the potential of Heatwave.

How To Upgrade Heatwave in FF16

As you progress in the game, you can enhance Heatwave by unlocking upgrades and investing AP (Ability Points) into the ability. AP is earned through battle and can be allocated to various abilities to make them stronger. By investing AP into Heatwave, you can increase its damage, range, and efficiency, making it an even deadlier ability on the battlefield.

How To Use FF16 HeatWave (Final Fantasy 16)

Final Words

Heatwave is a potent ability tied to the Phoenix Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. By unlocking and mastering Heatwave, you gain access to a powerful counter move that allows you to defend against enemy projectiles while dealing devastating damage to your foes. Remember to focus on dispelling shots to increase the number of shockwaves and reduce the ability cooldown. Upgrade Heatwave using AP to make it even more formidable. With its fiery power at your command, Heatwave can turn the tides of battle in your favor. Embrace the flames and unleash the might of Heatwave in Final Fantasy 16!

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