How to Use Zipline in Sons of the Forest

How to Use Zipline in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is an exciting game that takes players on a journey to explore a remote island that is overrun by cannibals and monsters. As players explore this dangerous terrain, they will need a variety of resources to help them survive. One of the most essential resources is rope, which is needed for crafting several items, including bows, arrows, and a rope swing. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use zipline in Sons of the Forest and where to find it.

How to Use Zipline in Sons of the Forest

Where to find rope

Rope is not a natural resource, and players will have to scavenge for it throughout the game. The best places to find rope include the original crash site, enemy camps, beaches, and designated locations. Additionally, players can search inside suitcases, containers, and large piles of debris or shipwreck pieces for more rope.

Acquiring cloth

Cloth is another key resource that players will need to craft. Players can acquire a substantial amount of cloth in the early game by searching suitcases and investigating cannibal villages.

Finding the zipline

The zipline is an excellent tool that players can use to quickly move across the island. However, finding it can be a little tricky. It doesn’t appear at the same location for every player. Some players report that they found it in a cave west of the snow mountains, while others claim that they found it inside a cave alongside a river.

How to Use Zipline in Sons of the Forest

The cave where players can find the zipline is very dark and filled with mutants. It’s essential to ensure that players have a flashlight or flares before entering it. Once inside, players will need to venture down a tunnel that is full of streams of water. This can be a difficult location to navigate, but once players have gotten through it, they will find the rope gun.


Finding the zipline in Sons of the Forest is crucial for players who want to navigate the island quickly. It can be challenging to locate, but players can find it in a cave system alongside a river or west of the snow mountains. Before entering the cave system, players should ensure they have a flashlight or flares to navigate the dark and mutant-filled cave system. By following these tips, players will be able to use the zipline to traverse the island with ease.

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