JJk 248 Release Date

JJK 247 – Did Yuji Kill Sukuna?

JJK 247 of Jujutsu Kaisen is set to be released on Sunday, January 7. However, just like every previous chapter, JJK Chapter 247 was leaked by none other than our favorite leaker on Twitter ‘Mya‘.

JJK 247 – Did Yuji Kill Sukuna?

The chapter starts with Higuruma facing Sukuna despite failing the plan to take down Sukuna using his domain expansion.

Sukuna compliments Higuruma for his control over his Cursed Technique. He said, “Higuruma can manipulate cursed technique at the same level as me.”

Sukuna then acknowledges him and says “You are Higuruma Hiromi, right?” Yuji then joins the fight again. He is no longer sidelined and is fighting Sukuna side by side with Higuruma.

Sukuna then uses his cursed technique and slashes everything nearby including the building they are standing on.

Sukuna killed Higuruma in this battle even though Higuruma managed to do RCT.

Yuji picks up the Executioner Blade and Higuruma looks at Yuji the same way Nanami did “I leave the rest to you.”

Yuji then uses the blade to stab Sukuna and the battle between Sukuna and Yuji begins. However, it’s still not confirmed if he actually stabbed Sukuna. In JJK 248, we will find out. It’s highly unlikely that he will die in the upcoming chapter. However, we will see the most awaited battle, Sukuna vs Yuji.

Sukuna knows about every move of Higuruma and he knows about the power of Executioner Blade. That is why he has come up with counterattacks for every move.

Final Thoughts

Sukuna is still alive and is going to beat Yuji in the next episode. We will most likely see some new powers of Yuji. Gege confirmed that the manga series is ending soon, which means Yuji will find a way to kill Sukuna soon.

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