[Mya Leaks] JJK 244 Raw Scans and Leaks: Yuji Itadori is Back

[Mya Leaks] JJK 244 Raw Scans and Leaks: Yuji Itadori is Back

JJK Chapter 244 is scheduled to be released on 3rd December, 2023. However, like every other chapter, JJK 244 was also leaked beforehand.

JJK or Jujutsu Kaisen is an ongoing manga by Gege Akutami. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 243 was released on Sunday and we the demise of our favorite villain, Kenjaku the cursed spirit.

The animated live adaption of the manga is ongoing too and is currently in the 123rd Chapter of the manga.

On Twitter, there are many leakers such as JJK Mya, also known as Myamura. He is a prominent leaker in the Jujutsu Kaisen community, particularly on Twitter. Nobody knows how he gets those leaks.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 244 Raw Scans and Leaks: Yuji Itadori is Back

JJK 244 Spoilers and Leaks

So, sidelined Yuji is finally back in action. In JJK Chapter 238, we caught a glimpse of Yuji Itadori’s arm, hinting at the source of his newfound abilities. Yuji Itadori finally stepped into the spotlight and was ready to fight Sukuna. However, Takaba again stole the spotlight thus sidelining our Yuji, the main protagonist of the anime. 

JJK 244 started with Yuji and Higuruma facing Sukuna. The title of the chapter is Shinjuku Showdown Part 16. There is also a flashback in which Jujutsu Sorcerers are planning to kill Kenjaku. Yuta’s arrival to kill Kenjaku was a preplanned action.

This was only supposed to happen if Gojo lost against Sukuna as the sorcerers were hoping Gojo would end the culling games single-handedly. Sadly gojo died fighting Sukuna.

Now that Yuji is up against Sukuna along with Higuruma. Higuruma then says he will go for Kashimo and he will use his cursed technique to deal with Sukuna. Higuruma domain expansion is similar to a court sentencing. He is a lawyer in real life and he uses a Gavel as a cursed tool.

In a discussion, Kusakabe asked if Higuruma can use his cursed technique on Sukuna. On this Yuji says, Sukuna has changed 3 times and killed a lot of people but in the end, it depends on what charge will Judgeman use. In this discussion, everyone is confused if Sukuna will get the death penalty or not.

Also, Higuruma does not know which cursed technique of Sukuna will be confiscated using the cursed technique of Higuruma. On this, Yuji says there is a way that will guarantee Sukuna’s death sentence.

The fight between Sukuna vs Yuji and Higuruma begins. Mei Mei is trying to distract Sukuna using her crows. However, they are no match against Sukuna. Due to this distraction and Yuji’s constant attack, Higuruma manages to bind Sukuna’s weapon.

After this Yuji manages to land a strong punch on Sukuna which did real damage to Sukuna.

Meanwhile, Higuruma opens his domain expansion “Deadly sentencing” on Sukuna. Now Yuji Sukuna and Higuruma are in a courtroom, a domain expansion created by Higuruma. As Yuji said, Higuruma can use him as a bait.

The trial against Yuji and Sukuna begins and Judgeman puts Yuji on trial for mass murder. However, Higuruma defends Yuji and says the real criminal is not Yuji.

Final Words

Chapter ended with Yuji and Sukuna on trial and Higuruma is defending Yuji. There is a break so you will have to wait to see what happens to Sukuna on trial. Will he be able to escape death sentencing? Meanwhile, you can read the leaks on Twitter. The JJK Chapter 244 is scheduled to be released on 3rd December, 2023.

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