[Theory] JJK 252 Spoilers - Who is Going To Die: Maki or Yuta?

[Theory] JJK 252 Spoilers – Who is Going To Die: Maki or Yuta?

The Jujutsu Kaisen fandom is buzzing with anticipation as we approach the release of Chapter 252. The previous chapter left us with several cliffhangers, making everyone eager to see how the story unfolds. While the official release date of JJK 252 is scheduled for March 3rd, 2024. The leakers have confirmed that JJK 252 will be leaked on 29th February 2024.

While confirmed spoilers are unavailable as of now, let’s dive into some exciting theories and potential plotlines based on the previous chapter and what we know so far about JJK.

[Theory] JJK 252 Spoilers - Who is Going To Die: Maki or Yuta?

What Happened in JJK 251?

  • Yuta and Yuji team up for an epic attack on Sukuna, landing some serious blows!
  • Sukuna is surprised and weakened but manages to fight back with powerful cursed techniques.
  • A flashback reveals Yuji learning a technique to separate souls, raising hopes for Megumi’s rescue.
  • Yuji reaches Megumi trapped within Sukuna’s soul, but finds him giving up hope.
  • Before they can reunite, Sukuna unleashes a fierce attack, injuring both Yuta and Yuji.
  • Just as Sukuna gains the upper hand, Maki appears ready to intervene.
  • Maki uses the Soul Splitter Sword on Sukuna, stabbing him.

JJK 252 Spoilers

Maki’s sudden attack on Sukuna, despite lacking cursed energy, is a major point of speculation. At the end of the chapter, we saw Maki stabbing Sukuna with Soul Splitter Katana.

The Soul Splitter Katana is shrouded in mystery. Unlike most Jujutsu Kaisen weapons that enhance cursed energy techniques, this katana seems to function differently.

With Yuji and Yuta heavily injured, Maki’s intervention using the Soul Splitter Katana offers a glimmer of hope in their fight against Sukuna. However, the extent of its power and effectiveness remains unknown.

What we know so far is that Soul Splitter Katana can cut through anything even the hardest materials and can damage the soul, just like Yuji’s cursed technique.

We saw at the start of season 2, that Toji Fushiguro had this katana but now Maki possesses it.

Sukuna has already defeated Yuta and Yuji who actually had a chance against Sukuna. Yuta’s domain expansion was nullified and Sukuna is now free.

As far as we can tell the katana had a serious effect on Sukuna. Toji did the same thing to Gojo and ended up defeating him. He surprised Gojo with a sneaky attack and nearly killed him. However, Gojo used RCT and then eventually ended up killing Toji.

Maki is going to die in JJK 252

Just like Toji, one theory is that Maki is going to do serious damage to weakened Sukuna. Soul Splitter Katana must have weakened the barrier between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul. Yuji’s attack had the same effect and he was able to visit Megumi. However, Sukuna intervened at that time.

Maki has the same restrictions as Toji Fushiguro, which makes her as strong as Toji in terms of physical attacks and speed. However, she does not have any cursed energy or technique at all so she has to depend on the tools.

Maki will be able to damage the weakened Sukuna. However, Sukuna is no longer bound by Yuta’s domain expansion. Sukuna can now use his domain expansion.

If Sukuna uses his domain, Maki will instantly die since Sukuna’s domain was able to take Mahoraga, so Maki has no chance of surviving his domain.

Maybe this is the plan, Maki’s acting as a decoy, drawing Sukuna’s attention away from the injured Yuji and Yuta, allowing them to regroup and strategize. This risky strategy could buy them valuable time, but it also puts Maki in significant danger.

[Theory] JJK 252 Spoilers - Who is Going To Die: Maki or Yuta?

Yuta is going to die in JJK 252

Both Yuji and Yuta sustained significant injuries from Sukuna’s counterattack. Their ability to continue fighting remains uncertain.

While their injuries appear serious, the series has a history of characters bouncing back from seemingly impossible situations. Maybe they’ll receive some unexpected help from allies (not many remaining though, mostly were killed by Sukuna).

Yuji and Yuta might be forced to take a temporary break to recover, leaving the burden of confronting Sukuna on Maki. This could lead to Maki’s death, another theory is that Sukuna will use domain expansion and Yuta will take Maki’s place inside his domain and sacrifice himself to protect Maki.

Yuji will sacrifice himself

Yuji’s plan from the start was to use his Cursed Technique on Sukuna to create a barrier between their souls, big enough so he can convince Megumi to come back. In order for Sukuna to leave Megumi’s body, Yuji needs to take his place and become the vessel for Sukuna again. In doing so, he can easily take control of his own body and kill himself, thus ending Sukuna too alongside him.

[Theory] JJK 252 Spoilers - Who is Going To Die: Maki or Yuta?

Final Words

Did Maki’s attack using the mysterious Soul Splitter Katana inflict any significant damage on Sukuna? Will it be enough to weaken him or even force him out of Megumi’s body? The epic battle between Maki and Sukuna is likely to be a central focus of JJK Chapter 252.

Despite lacking cursed energy, Maki has proven her exceptional combat skills. However, can she hold her own against the King of Curses in an extended fight?

Will Yuji and Yuta recover quickly and rejoin the fight against Sukuna? Or will they be forced to take a temporary break, leaving the burden of battling Sukuna on others? How will Yuji attempt to revive Megumi’s will to live?

These are just a few potential plotlines and theories based on what we know so far. The actual events in Chapter 252 and beyond may take a completely different direction, which is part of the excitement of Jujutsu Kaisen! JJK Chapter 252 will be leaked tomorrow, 29th February, 2024 according to the leakers on Twitter.

Till then we can speculate what is going to happen, if you feel like adding something do comment below.

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