JJK 249 Release Date and Leaks - Sukuna vs Yuta

JJK 249 Leaks: Is Gojo Coming Back?

JJK 249 is delayed and there will be a one-week break between JJK 248 and JJK 249. The upcoming chapter will air on 4th February, 2024. However, as usual, it will be leaked before by Mya, the leaker on Twitter. The leaked chapter ended with Yuta attacking Sukuna and thus finally joining the fight. We will see the most awaited battle Yuta vs Sukuna.

What Happened in JJK 248?

As we predicted in our previous article Sukuna will dodge Yuji’s attack. That is exactly what happened at the start of JJK 248. Sukuna managed to dodge Yuji’s attack with the executioner’s sword and Sukuna was not stabbed with it.

Sukuna after dodging the attack, punches Yuji which Yuji blocks. Sukuna then kicks Yuji which sends him flying. Sukuna then notices Yuji’s stomach wound has healed already. On the next page, we see UI UI arriving at the scene.

Sukuna confirms that Ui Ui has instant teleportation Cursed Technique and that is how Gojo’s body was teleported. Kirara tried to heal Higuruma but he was already dead.

Sukuna then confirms that Gojo is dead and cannot be revived. Sukuna realizes that the remaining Jujutsu Sorcerers are sending the wounded and dead to Shoko but it is not efficient to heal someone using RCT.

Yuji, who was sidelined half the arc, managed to learn RCT too. Sukuna then considers Yuji a worthy opponent now and decides to have some fun with Yuji Itadori.

After a flashback, the fight continues as soon as Yuji is about to attack. Yuta again appears out of nowhere just like at the time he killed Kenjaku, Yuta then attacks Sukuna and the chapter ends there.

Is Gojo Coming Back in JJK 249?

After taking over the body of Megumi completely. Sukuna was able to summon Agito and Mahoraga. Sukuna figured out how he could beat Gojo and save Megumi so that he could take over his body later. Sukuna finally managed to kill Gojo and he split his body in half.

After his death, Sukuna pretty much became unbeatable as there is nobody anymore who could challenge Sukuna and win. JJK is mostly related to Buddhism, meaning Rebirth, and Awakening is something that exists in the series as well.

In chapter 236 where Satoru Gojo dies in JJK, we see some specific keywords including “South” and “North”, symbolizing the Buddhist belief in coming back after dying.

We have already discussed How Gojo can Return in JJK? However, this theory was proven wrong a few chapters back. After Gojo, many strong sorcerers tried fighting Sukuna but they failed.

After Gojo’s death, Higuruma was the last resort against Sukuna but he failed too. Right now only Yuta is strong enough to challenge Sukuna.

For a few chapters, Gojo was not discussed in the manga. However, in the recent chapter 248, he was mentioned again, that his body was teleported to Shoto. There is a chance he is being revived as he could be the last resort against Sukuna.

JJK 249 Leaks: Is Gojo Coming Back?

Sukuna vs Yuta

The most awaited battle between Yuta vs Sukuna is finally going to happen in the next chapter. Yuta never directly went for Sukuna. However, fans wanted to see how well Yuta will perform against Sukuna.

JJK 249 Release Date

JJK Chapter 249 of Jujutsu Kaisen is slated to be officially released on Feb 4, 2024.

  • 7 AM Pacific Time
  • 8 AM Mountain Time
  • 9 AM Central Time
  • 10 AM Eastern Time

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