How to Bhop in Lethal Company?

[Solved] Lethal Company Can’t Record Using Nvidia Software – Can’t Open Nvidia Overlay in Game

Lethal Company is currently one of the most popular games on Steam and has surpassed Call of Duty and Starfield.

In Lethal Company, you can play with up to 4 people, you have a ship and you have to reach the given quota by the company in 3 days by gathering scrap from different planets. However, in your journey, you can end up being the food for monsters on those planets.

Some players who are using Nvidia GPU are facing an issue, whenever they try to record the game, it automatically shows the desktop and changes the screen to desktop. In this guide, I will help you fix this issue.

Nvidia ShadowPlay is a powerful tool designed to capture your gaming moments effortlessly. It’s meant to seamlessly record your gameplay or desktop activities, giving you the freedom to relive and share your experiences.

[Solved] Lethal Company Can't Record Using Nvidia Software

How To Fix Lethal Company Can’t Record Using Nvidia Software

So, I have a laptop and a PC. I have 3060 installed on my PC and 3050 on my laptop. 3050 is a laptop GPU so you can’t record a desktop using that as there is no privacy option. I never faced this issue on my laptop since the desktop is not recordable. But whenever I tried to record on PC by pressing alt z, the desktop showed up.

I then realized the desktop recording is triggering this issue. Also, Lethal Company is not recognized as a game in the Nvidia Shadowplay/Software.

To fix this issue, you need to disable desktop recording and your issue will be resolved.

That’s all there is to fix this issue. Hope now you can record and create cool content for your YouTube channel or Twitch.

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