Lethal Company Clown Horn - How to get and use

Lethal Company Clown Horn – How to get and use

Clown Horn is a funky item in Lethal Company with one specific purpose. Here in this guide, we will show you how to get and use Lethal Company Clown Horn.

Lethal Company accompanies some hidden and secret items that are getting discovered with time. One of them is the Lethal Company Clown Horn, which isn’t useful for the most part and can only be utilized if you need to run away from the terrifying monsters.

Furthermore, there is more than one use for the Clown Horn, and getting it is a separate debate as you can’t buy it with credits. Let’s explore this item in detail.

  • Clown Horn is considered a scrap
  • You can’t buy it
  • You can only get Clown Horn in the facility just like scrap
  • It can be used to distract enemies, sell for credit, scare blind enemies, and signal friends
  • Using Clown Horn can also attract certain enemies

What is Clown Horn in Lethal Company

Clown Horn is just as the name suggests, a pump horn used by the clowns. In Lethal Company this horn is considered a mere scrap and nothing much.

Lethal Company Clown Horn - How to get and use

How to get Clown Horn in Lethal Company?

To get the Clown Horn, you must research the whole facility and find it in scraps. You can’t buy the Clown Horn, because it is considered a scrap.

But, one thing to note is that Clown Horn isn’t typical scrap that is effortlessly found, rather you will have to dig deeper and open hidden doors.

How to use Lethal Company Clown Horn?

After you have the Clown Horn, click on the left mouse button and there will be a loud and humorous sound just like any Clown Horn in real life. Furthermore, the usability of Clown Horn extends to the following cases:

  • Distracting Enemies: When the hyper-sound-sensitive enemies follow you around, you can use the Clown Horn to distract them. Specifically for the enemies who can’t see you, the Clown Horn can be used to scare them.
  • Communication with Fellow Team Members: The sound of Clown Horn is quite loud, and it can be used to tell your friends that you are alive, you need help, or there is danger in the region.
  • Credits: If you found Clown Horn, you can sell it to get somewhere around 30 to 70 credits.

Precautions for using Clown Horn

There are some precautions as well like using Clown Horns will attract certain enemies that follow or stalk you around including Bracken and Coil-Head.

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