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4 Most Expensive Scrap in Lethal Company

Lethal Company is currently one of the most popular games on Steam and has surpassed Call of Duty and Starfield.

In Lethal Company, you can play with up to 4 people, you have a ship and you have to reach the given quota by the company in 3 days by gathering scrap from different planets. Let’s uncover the most expensive scraps in Lethal Company.

  4 Most Expensive Scrap in Lethal Company

4 Most Expensive Scrap in Lethal Company

1. Gold Bars (156 Credits)

Gold has an enduring allure, even on the lunar landscapes of Lethal Company. These gleaming bars fetch a handsome 156 credits, making them one of the most sought-after and profitable scraps to haul back to your ship.

2. Cash Register (120 Credits)

In the midst of abandoned facilities, stumbling upon an intact cash register can be a lucrative find. Selling it can earn you a hefty sum of 120 credits, making it a valuable item to prioritize during your expeditions.

3. Fancy Lamp (94 Credits)

While it might seem ordinary, the elegance of a fancy lamp doesn’t go unnoticed. Surprisingly valuable, this decorative piece can add 94 credits to your stash when sold.

4. Painting (92 Credits)

Art holds its value, even amidst the lunar debris. A well-preserved painting is a gem worth grabbing, offering a satisfying 92 credits upon sale.

Final Words

The more expensive the scrap is, the more chances you have to complete the profit quota. This way you can also earn more credits and use them to buy stuff from the store.

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