How to Disable Steamwebhelper?

How to Fix Mini Profile not Working or Showing issue on Steam

Typically when you hover your mouse over someone’s profile, it will display a mini-profile of that user. But recently after an update on Steam, this thing got messed up. Here’s how to fix the issue where viewing someone’s mini profile isn’t working or showing on Steam.

How to Fix Mini Profile not Working or Showing issue on Steam

Why isn’t Steam showing Mini Profile?

For the most part, Steam is known for messing things around after some time. Typically it is because of the, latest update that rolls out nearly every Tuesday.

Fix Mini Profile not Showing or Working on Steam

Actually, there isn’t a direct fix for that like correcting the files, updating, or anything like that. Only the Steam developers can fix this issue for you. But still, you can try the following things to get back the Steam Mini Profile Feature.

Using Browser

The issue is with the App and you can simply use the Browser to get all the features. The browser Steam Site is just flawless, without any issues or bugs. You can use the Mini Profile Feature there.

Wait for the next Patch

Steam will release a new update that will get you back the Mini Profile ASAP. Just hold onto the app or start using the browser till the next update arrives.

Re-install Steam App

Another Fix is to simply uninstall Steam completely and re-install the app from the beginning. In this way, you will be able to show the profile details just by hovering your mouse over their profile pic.


Well, that’s How to Fix Mini Profile not Working or Showing issues on Steam. You can just use the browser for a while title the steam itself will roll out the next update. It usually happens every Tuesday that Steam messes things up and then fixes it later on.

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