Lords of the Fallen Matchmaking Not Working

No CDKeys Code for Lord of the Fallen: Missing and Not Found!

There are two ways to buy Lord of the Fallen, either through the Steam Launcher or get the CDKeys for the game that comes in the form of the code through their official site. While Steam users are effortlessly playing the game, there is no CDKeys Code for Lord of the Fallen, as it is missing and not found by the players.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss what’s the matter at hand here, whether it is a glitch or will it take some time for the gamers to get their Lord of the Fallen Code. Let’s get to the details below.

Why are there No CDKey Codes Received by Players?

Well, it does take some time for the players to receive their CDKeys. Just because players compare the game with the Steam Launcher, it doesn’t mean that the release of the code is going to be the same as the Steam Game Launch.

It depends on the area most of the time, as certain areas get their Lord of the Ring CDKey codes earlier than others.

When Will I get CDKey Code for Lord of the Fallen?

The codes for the players with CDKeys of Lord of the Fallen will start getting them shortly, as the higher authorities have reported. You will have to follow the instructions below.

Key Redemption Instructions for Lord of the Fallen

Whether you have the Deluxe or the Standard edition of the Lord of the Fallen, you will get 3 keys in total. These keys are;

  • For the Game
  • For the DLC Pre-Order Boost
  • Pre Order DLC Precious Metals Armor Tincts

You will start getting the keys for each of these things shortly, but one after another. No one will get all of them at the same time.

Players usually have the idea that their CDKey Code got missed in the process, but it is just arriving.

Lord of the Fallen Invalid Code for CDKey!

Just like we mentioned above, you get the 3 keys in a different order, and you can’t put the Code for the DLC Pre-Order Boost in the game. It will start saying “Invalid Code” in Lord of the Fallen.

So, be patient and when you get all three CDKey Codes, you can put the Game Code to Redeem it and start playing Lord of the Fallen.

All in all, when you have the Lord of the Fallen CDKey Codes Missing or Not Found, just remain patient and wait till you have all 3 codes for the game, and also for DLC Extras.

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