One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers and What to Expect - Luffy's Secret Past with Kuma

One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers and What to Expect – Luffy’s Secret Past with Kuma

One Piece Chapters 1099, and 1100 are already big hits coming in with all the mysteries slowly uncovering themselves. But, at the end of chapter 1100 in One Piece, we got to witness and learn about Luffy’s Secret Past with Kuma. Still, in Chapter 1100, we didn’t get a clear explanation of why Kuma would go to Fuusha Island, and alongside this Shanks also docked there. So, all of this is included in Chapter 1101, and here we have all the details on One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers and What to actually expect from it.

It is Kuma’s Backstory for the time which involves him meeting and dealing with certain individuals including Dr Vegapunk, Dragon, Bonney, Sorbet Kingdom, and so on. We also got details on how Bonney was healed from the disease Sapphire Scale, make sure to check that out as well.

Saturn and Kuma’s Transformation to Cyborg

Cutting short on the previous chapter, where ultimately Kuma makes a deal with Dr Vegapunk to cure Bonney in return for making clones of Kuma.

But, all of that is heard by Saturn, one of the Gerosei, who forced Kuma to become a Shichibukai, a Cyborg with no memories.

This is how Kuma becomes a Warlord, and if he didn’t they would imprison Bonney, and capture her.

Kuma in return for his slavery, safeguarded Bonney and made a trade with Saturn.

Saturn and Kuma's Transformation to Cyborg in Chapter 1100 of One Piece

Kuma’s Arrival At Fuusha Village

For most of you who don’t know Fuusha Village is the same place where Luffy was born, and it is his hometown. So, Kumma arrives at Fuusha Village after he was made a cyborg, deprived of his memories, and made a warlord under the Admiral System.

This further leads to the spoilers in Chapter 1101 where Kuma’s backstory reveals something strange about Luffy as well. We will also learn about Luffy’s Backstory here.

Why is Kuma going to Fuusha Village you ask? Well, this is something hidden from us even in the One Piece Chapter 1100.

Also, why did Shanks go to the birthplace of Luffy? All of these are mysterious and we might see them in Chapter 1101. That’s all to One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers and What to Expect, revealing Luffy’s Past and the importance of Fuusha Village where Luffy was born.

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