Overcooked 3

Overcooked 3 – Is the new Overcooked coming soon?

If you are a fan of Simulations like cooking, constructing, building, and so on, you might be familiar with a legendary game that came with the name Overcooked.

It has been some time since we witnessed a new Overcooked, but recently the news has been coming out of an Overcooked 3 in making that we might get to experience soon. 

Simulation games have a separate community and honestly, there isn’t coming back when you experience a good game that allows you to make cakes, cook food, fly airplanes, make engines or even live a normal family life. 

We all imagine things our own way and ask ourselves how things would work out if we did it a certain way.

The Simulation Games let you experience that “certain way” without actually experimenting in real life. What more would we ever ask for?

So a certain game by the name of Overcooked came out that had a Simulation revolving around teamwork, cooking, chefs, and serving the food to customers.

You might have guessed it, this game went viral, but after Overcooked 2, we didn’t hear about any Overcooked 3 till recently.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss what Overcooked 3 actually is and whether we are going to get it or it’s a cap.

What is Overcooked 3?

In 2016, Ghost Town Games and Team 17 worked together to make a game called Overcooked based on the experience around food making, completing orders, serving customers, customer handling, teamwork, and so on. You can call it a complete kitchen experience. 

Due to the popularity, Overcooked developers soon had to come up with another part of this game called Overcooked 2 in 2018.

That had the same experience but was more overall furnished based on the new norms in Simulation games. 

Later on, there wasn’t a new Overcooked game but rather an event or a compilation called “Overcooked All you can eat” that came after two years of Overcooked 2. It was an incredible experience for lovers of Kitchen or Cooking based games and Simulations. 

Now after nearly 3 years, players have been running around anxiously for a new Overcooked that would presumably be called Overcooked 3. 

Is overcooked 3 Coming soon?

Just like most rumors that came true afterward, the Overcooked 3 is kind of a rumored installment from Overcooked that would come out soon for gamers. The Developers haven’t confirmed anything about it. 

If you match the period between Overcooked 1 to Overcooked 2, then from Overcooked 2 to its Compilation, the time is quite in place for another Overcooked 3. 

The news of Team 17 not announcing Overcooked 3 was a bit off for most gamers because they anxiously waited for a two-year gap.

Overcooked 2 wasn’t as much fun back then because of the new features they added, not up to the standards of Overcooked Original. 

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What’s new in the Overcooked Franchise?

The news for Overcooked 3 is far off, but we are getting some updates on “Overcooked All you can eat” for the time being.

The developers are working hard to bring an improvement over Overcooked 2 and include it in the compilation. 

Final Verdict

So, that is all to the news of Overcooked 3 as of now. The developers didn’t give us the news of the new Overcooked besides the fact that everything is on the pattern here and there isn’t any better time than to announce Overcooked 3 at the end of 2023. 

But, we can’t do anything besides hoping that a new Overcooked will bless the gaming community in 2024 with new features, modes, graphics, and improvements. 


Will we get Overcooked 3?

Team 17 recently made sure there isn’t any new Overcooked under development, meaning it is quite a long journey till we can experience a new installment in the popular co-op cooking/kitchen game. 

Can you play with the team in Overcooked 3?

Yes, Overcooked became famous for its chaotic teamwork gameplay and that same will be carried out to the Overcooked 3 Franchise, if we are blessed with it.

Is new Overcooked under development?

No, the new Overcooked isn’t under development and it was made sure by the developers themselves. 

Where to download Overcooked?

You can download Overcooked from the Epic Game Store. 

Is Overcooked Free to Play?

Yes, Overcooked is completely Free to Play. All you have to do is Log into the Epic Game Store and from there download Overcooked. 

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