Project Astrid - A sneak peek into Shroud's New Video Game

Project Astrid – A sneak peek into Shroud’s New Video Game

Shroud is known for making some spectacular deals with massive brands like “Logitech”, but recently we have the news that he had a partnership with “Splash Damage” to develop a New Video Game based on the survival shooter genre. Here are all the details on this “Project Astrid” by Shroud!

Splash Damage Experience in making games!

Some of you might not have heard of Splash Damage Developers before, but they have been known to have their hands on some massive shooter games like Gear of War Remaster 1 till the fifth part of the series.

They also have experience in the Halo PC Version known as the Master Chief Collection and have other notable achievements as well.

Splash Damage Experience in making games!

Project Astrid – Shroud’s New Video Game

Now that you know what Splash Damage is, it is worth telling you why we mentioned it in the first place. Shroud along with Sacriel in collaboration with Splash Damage is working on a new Video Game called “Project Astrid”

According to Mike Grzesiek or popularly known as “Shroud”, this project is everything to him. It is a survival genre along with Chris and Mike in partnership with Splash Damage and it is going to be the best one ever.

Project Astrid – A sneak peek into Shroud’s New Video Game

Why Shroud?

Well, it wouldn’t be a reason to tell you the details because everyone knows who Shroud is and why he is an absolute Legend. But in case you don’t know, he is a popular professional CSGO player and content creator since 2013.

He also has a ton of deals with other brands and millions of followers on YouTube as well. Lately, he was known as the “King of Reddit” because of all the crazy and insane game clips from CSGO.

The reason behind his popularity is that he isn’t bound to a single game, but rather great in all the games he played, dominating professionals even in combat.

His popularity increased with PUBG PC, carrying onto Valorant and also Apex, as well as Warzone. Now he is just trying out everything he can to bring the best out of him for a pro-Valorant match.


Well, these are all the details on Project Astrid – Shroud’s New Video Game. Yes, it is going to be a massive horror game and definitely a masterpiece in the horror shooter game genre. Fingers crossed for the Legend Collab with Developers Splash Damage.

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