Remnant 2: Tainted Blade Mutator Location

Remnant 2: Tainted Blade Mutator Location

Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King brings new items and possibilities into the mix. While you can use new weapons to push the limits of your character here, there are also new mutators that you can use to enhance the weapon stats or get a bonus on top. Here we have Tainted Blade Mutator Location in Remnant 2 which buffs the melee damage of your character. Let’s jump straight to the details on how to get Tainted Blade Mutator.

What is a Tainted Blade Mutator and what does it do?

Tainted Blade is a mutator in the new Remnant 2 DLC that can be put onto weapons with a mutator slot.

Unlike other mutators, Tainted Blade is a melee weapon mutator, meaning it can only be slotted inside a melee weapon.

Furthermore, it gives a 5 percent increase in melee damage per corroded stack on target.

How to get Remnant 2 Tainted Blade Mutator (Location)?

Crafting Tainted Blade

Tainted Blade Mutator can only be crafted inside the game. You won’t need anything special to make it yourself.

Head to the Ward 13 Region and there you will find Dwell alongside the ships.

Talk to him and you can craft Tainted Blade Mutator for 75 Relic Dust and 500 Scrap.

Crafting Tainted Blade in Ward 13 - Dwell

Using Tainted Blade Mutator on Melee Weapon

After you have the Tainted Blade, you need to open the inventory and click on the melee weapon with a mutator slot. Click on the slot and from there select the Tainted Blade that you just crafted.

Using Tainted Blade Mutator on a Melee Weapon with Mutator Slot

If you are having trouble getting the location of Dwell in Ward 13 who can help you craft Tainted Blade, we also have a video guide embedded below to help you out.

Video Guide on How to get and craft Tainted Blade Mutator

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