[Solved] AirPods Touch Controls Not Working

[Solved] AirPods Touch Controls Not Working

AirPods are great companions for wireless listening, but at times, their touch controls may encounter glitches, causing frustrations. Let’s explore easy solutions.

Unresponsive Double Tap

Users often face situations where double-tapping fails to execute commands, like summoning Siri or pausing audio.

Inactivity in Touch Gestures

Sometimes, all touch controls, including tapping to control music or calls, become unresponsive, hampering the overall experience.

AirPods Touch Controls Not Working

How To Fix AirPods Touch Controls Not Working

  • Unpair and Re-pair: Sometimes, a simple disconnect and reconnect can do wonders. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings, unpair the AirPods, and then pair them again.
  • Resetting Your AirPods: Press and hold the setup button on your AirPods case for a few seconds until the status light blinks amber, then white. Reconnect them to your device.
  • Configure Touch Settings: Ensure your AirPods’ touch settings are correctly configured. Access settings via your device (Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods) and adjust touch control options.
  • Update Your Device: Sometimes, an outdated device OS might cause compatibility issues. Ensure your phone or tablet is running the latest software version.
  • Factory Reset: As a last resort, consider factory resetting your AirPods. Also, seeking assistance from an Apple service center can address hardware-related concerns.

Final Words

AirPods touch control problems, though frustrating, often have simple fixes. From re-pairing to resetting, these steps should help regain control over your AirPods’ touch functionality.

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