[Solved] Discord Profile Theme Not Saving

[Solved] Discord Profile Theme Not Saving

Encountering problems with Discord where your chosen profile theme doesn’t save can be frustrating, but worry not! Here are some straightforward solutions to help resolve this issue.

How To Fix Discord Profile Theme Not Saving

Restart Discord

One of the simplest fixes is restarting the Discord app. Close it completely and then reopen it. Sometimes, a simple restart refreshes the settings and allows you to save your chosen profile theme.

Check for App Updates

Ensure your Discord app is up-to-date. Outdated versions might have bugs that prevent the profile theme from saving properly. Update the app to the latest version available.

Clear Cache and Refresh

Sometimes, accumulated cache can interfere with settings. Try clearing Discord’s cache from your settings and then refresh the app. This might help in saving your chosen profile theme correctly.

Try Changing the Theme Settings

Experiment with different settings while changing your profile theme. Change the theme and then save it again. Sometimes, trying a different sequence can help override the issue.

Seek Assistance from Discord Support

If none of the above solutions work, reaching out to Discord support or checking their community forums might provide more specific guidance. Users often share troubleshooting tips that could address your issue.


Facing issues with Discord not saving your profile theme can be bothersome, but these simple steps often resolve the problem. Glitches happen occasionally, but these fixes should help you save your chosen profile theme hassle-free.

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