[Solved] Lethal Company Can't Join Lobbies

[Solved] Lethal Company Can’t Join Lobbies

Lethal Company, a thrilling gaming experience, has garnered immense attention. However, some players encounter a frustrating obstacle – the inability to join lobbies. Let’s dive into solutions to rectify Lethal Company Can’t Join Lobbies.

Players experiencing this issue might encounter error messages or face difficulty joining public lobbies, often due to various factors.

  • Mod-related Errors: Attempting to join lobbies using mods can trigger errors.
  • Game Restart Bugs: Random bugs may require restarting the game to access the lobby.
Lethal Company Can't Join Lobbies

How To Fix Lethal Company Can’t Join Lobbies

Restart and Retry

If faced with an error while joining a lobby, a quick game restart could swiftly resolve the issue. Retry joining the lobby after a restart.

Mod Compatibility

Error messages due to mods indicate a need to download compatible mods to access specific lobbies. Ensuring mod compatibility is vital to bypass these errors.

Administrator Mode

Some players found success by launching the game in administrator mode. Navigate to the game’s files, open as an administrator, and check if this resolves the issue.


Experiencing hurdles like the “An error occurred” error in Lethal Company can dampen the gaming experience. However, with the steps mentioned above you can easily resolve this issue.

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