[Solved] The Finals Mouse Freezing

[Solved] The Finals Mouse Freezing

The Finals gaming experience can be thrilling, but encountering mouse freezing issues can quickly turn the excitement into frustration. These disruptions, from disconnects to stutters, can significantly impact your gameplay. However, worry not! Here are some quick solutions to resolve these nagging problems.

[Solved] The Finals Mouse Freezing

Checking for Driver Updates

The outdated mouse driver often triggers freezing problems. Confirm that your mouse driver is up-to-date and properly installed. You can easily find the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website or through the device manager on your computer.

Tweaking the Polling Frequency

Modifying the polling frequency of your mouse might alleviate the freezing and disconnecting issues. Most gaming mice allow this adjustment through their software settings. Lowering the polling rate can sometimes help mitigate these problems.

Strategic USB Port Usage

Believe it or not, the USB port you use matters. Plugging your mouse into a different USB port, preferably at the bottom of your motherboard, could resolve connectivity issues. Some users have reported that certain ports may cause these problems.

Game Compatibility Check

In some cases, the mouse freezing problem might be game-specific. If the issue occurs only during a particular game, consider checking for game updates or forums discussing similar problems. You might find specific solutions tailored to that game’s settings.

[Solved] The Finals Mouse Freezing


Dealing with The Finals mouse freezing problems doesn’t have to be a game-stopper. By ensuring driver updates, tweaking settings, and optimizing USB port usage, you can significantly improve your gaming experience. Remember, these solutions may vary in effectiveness, so try different approaches until you find the one that works best for you.

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