Lethal Company V48 Crashing - Unity Error

[Solved] Lethal Company Can’t Join Lobby After Update v48

If you’ve encountered the frustrating “An error occurred” message while attempting to join a lobby in Lethal Company after updating to v48, you’re not alone. This guide is here to unravel the issue and help you swiftly get back into the game.

Numerous players have faced this obstacle, hampering their ability to join lobbies after updates. This issue has surfaced across various platforms, including Steam, Reddit, and even gaming communities like TikTok.

The problem isn’t restricted to a single cause; it could arise from compatibility issues or mod inconsistencies.

Lethal Company Can't Join Lobby After Update v48

How To Fix Lethal Company Can’t Join Lobby After Update v48

Mod Synchronization

Ensure all players in the lobby have the same mods, updates, and game versions. Inconsistent modifications can trigger the join error.

System and Game Updates

Verify that your system, game, and Steam platform are up-to-date. Often, outdated versions lead to compatibility issues, hindering lobby access.

Network and Router Settings

Occasionally, router or network settings might impede lobby access. Restarting your router and checking network configurations might resolve the issue.


Encountering the “An error occurred” message while trying to join a lobby in Lethal Company can be exasperating. However, with the steps mentioned above you can fix this issue and join the lobbies again.

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