Lethal Company Interaction Key (E) Stopped Working

[Solved] Lethal Company Interaction Key (E) Stopped Working

Lethal Company is the latest trending co-op indie-developed game on Steam. The game is a mixture of sci-horror genre. Players have reported instances where the ‘E’ key fails to perform actions in Lethal Company. This issue can arise after certain in-game events, such as activating the reverse teleporter or using mods.

If you’ve encountered a problem where the ‘E’ key, crucial for interactions in Lethal Company, has stopped functioning, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to potentially fix this issue:

Lethal Company Interaction Key (E) Stopped Working

Restart the Game

A quick fix that often resolves in-game issues, including problems with the teleporter or interaction keys, is to restart the game. Simply closing and reopening the game might rectify the issue.

Remove Mods or Modifications

If you’ve modded the game, certain modifications might interfere with the interaction key. Try removing mods or any changes you’ve made to see if the interaction key starts working properly.

Check Internet Connection

Inconsistent connectivity can lead to in-game issues like the interaction key not working. Ensure a stable internet connection to avoid potential packet loss that might affect gameplay.

Reload Save Files

In some cases, reloading saved game files can resolve the issue temporarily. Try reloading a recent save file to check if it restores the functionality of the ‘E’ key for interactions.

Update the Game

Ensure your game is updated to the latest version. Steam users can navigate to the game library, right-click on “Lethal Company,” open Properties, and check for any available updates in the Updates tab.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, reaching out to the game’s official support channels or community forums might provide more specific guidance or solutions.

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem of the ‘E’ key not functioning correctly in Lethal Company, allowing you to enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

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