[Solved] Little Live Pets Mouse Toy Not Working

[Solved] Little Live Pets Mouse Toy Not Working

Users of the Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Minis- Lil’ Mouse are facing issues with the toy’s birth mechanism not working as expected. Here are some simple solutions to help address these concerns.

Battery Check

Ensure the toy has fresh batteries properly inserted in the mama. Sometimes, replacing or correctly positioning the batteries can resolve the issue and get the mama working again.

[Solved] Little Live Pets Mouse Toy Not Working

Birth Mechanism

Check the birth mechanism of the toy. Ensure that it’s clear and free from any obstructions that might prevent it from functioning properly. Clearing any blockages could solve the problem.

Chamber Placement

Place only the babies in the designated chamber on top of the hutch. Avoid placing other items inside, as they might interfere with the toy’s mechanism and cause it to malfunction.


By checking batteries, inspecting the birth mechanism, ensuring proper chamber usage, and exploring troubleshooting tips online, users can attempt simple fixes to address the Little Live Pets Mouse toy’s malfunction.

Remember, while these solutions might solve the issue for some users, they might not work for everyone. If problems persist, contacting the manufacturer or seeking professional assistance could be helpful.

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