Why Can't I Reconnect After Disconnecting in The Finals

[Solved] The Finals TFGE0015 – Connection Failed

Players of The Finals have been experiencing the TFGE0015 Connection Failed error, causing frustration during gameplay. Let’s explore this issue and some possible solutions in simpler terms.

What is The Finals TFGE0015

The TFGE0015 error occurs when players try to connect to the game’s servers but encounter problems. This issue can lead to disconnections, penalizations, or the inability to join matches.

The error seems related to server issues or problems with the game’s code. Players often find themselves penalized unfairly due to these server-related troubles, even after multiple attempts to reconnect.

Players have reported encountering this error after game updates or patches. This issue interrupts their gaming experience, disconnecting them from ranked matches and preventing seamless gameplay.

How To Fix The Finals TFGE0015 – Connection Failed

  1. Disable Crossplay: Some users found success by turning off crossplay options in settings.
  2. Internet Restart: Restarting the internet connection might help alleviate this issue.


The TFGE0015 Connection Failed error in The Finals disrupts gameplay, causing disconnections and penalizations. While disabling crossplay and restarting the internet might offer temporary relief, the root cause seems linked to server-related issues.

Players affected by this error eagerly await solutions from the game’s developers to rectify these connectivity problems and ensure smoother gameplay experiences for everyone.

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