Why The Finals Keeps Crashing on PC

[Solved] The Finals High CPU Usage

Players of The Finals have encountered high CPU usage, affecting their gaming experiences. Let’s explore this issue and some potential solutions in simpler terms.

The game’s heavy reliance on background calculations can strain the CPU, causing it to operate at maximum capacity. This issue impacts gameplay performance, leading to lags or stutters.

[Solved] The Finals High CPU Usage

How To Fix The Finals High CPU Usage

  • Exclude Game Folder: Some users advise excluding The Finals’ installation folder from antivirus scans. This action might reduce the CPU workload.
  • Adjust Game Priority: Modifying the game’s priority settings in Task Manager to a lower level might help ease CPU strain.


High CPU usage in The Finals impacts gameplay performance, causing interruptions and slowdowns. While methods like excluding game folders and adjusting priority settings may offer relief, seeking guidance from the game’s developers could lead to more effective solutions.

Players hope for optimizations or updates that alleviate the strain on the CPU, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for everyone enjoying The Finals.

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