Steam Deck Not Updating - Update Failed

[Solved] Steam Deck Not Updating – Update Failed

The Steam Deck, a portable gaming device, often encounters update issues, causing inconvenience to users. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown to troubleshoot these concerns effortlessly.

Many users have reported various issues while updating their Steam Deck. These commonly include:

Update Errors During Process

Users encounter error messages interrupting the update process, hindering the system’s smooth functioning.

Failure to Apply the Latest Update

Despite attempts, the latest Fix-It update fails to apply even after a system restart.

Device Dysfunction After Updates

Post-update, some users face functionality problems, rendering their Steam Deck non-operational.

[Solved] Steam Deck Not Updating - Update Failed

How To Fix Steam Deck Not Updating – Update Failed

  • Checking Available System Updates: Verify and install any pending system updates. Sometimes, missing updates could cause hindrances during the process.
  • Enabling Disabled Services: In certain cases, disabled services may disrupt updates. Enable these services and retest the update process.
  • Manual Update Initiation: Try manually initiating the update search before it auto-searches. This might help in successfully applying the Fix-It update.
  • Restart Device: A simple yet effective step is to restart the Steam Deck. Hold the power button for about 10 seconds to perform a device restart.
  • Managing Disk Space: Regularly check and manage the available disk space on your Steam Deck. If running low, delete unnecessary games or clear the shader cache to prevent update errors due to space constraints.
  • Accessing BIOS Settings: After a factory reset, restart the Steam Deck and access the BIOS settings by pressing designated keys during startup (common keys include F2, F10, Del, or Esc).

Final Words

Dealing with Steam Deck update issues can be frustrating, but employing these troubleshooting steps can significantly alleviate these problems. By following these methods, users can ensure smoother and more efficient updates for their Steam Deck, enhancing their gaming experiences.

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