Tekken 8 Crashing, Freezing, and Lagging Issues on PC

[Solved] Tekken 8 Demo Black Screen Issue

Tekken 8, the highly anticipated fighting game, has left many players facing a frustrating hurdle: the notorious black screen issue. This pesky problem halts the gaming experience right from the start, leaving players stuck and unable to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Tekken 8. Let’s dive into this issue and explore various troubleshooting methods to get you back into Tekken 8 Demo that was recently released on steam.

The black screen dilemma occurs during the game’s launch, causing it to freeze or get stuck indefinitely. This can happen due to multiple reasons, ranging from software conflicts to compatibility issues.

Tekken 8 Demo Black Screen Issue

Verify Game Files

Head over to the game’s settings or launcher and initiate a check for the game files’ integrity. This process will identify any corrupted or missing files that might be causing the black screen.

Update Graphics Drivers

Ensure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. Outdated or incompatible drivers often lead to compatibility issues, resulting in the black screen problem.

Close Background Programs

Shut down any unnecessary background applications that might interfere with the game’s performance. Sometimes, conflicting programs can trigger the black screen issue.

Check System Requirements

Ensure that your PC meets the game’s system requirements. Inadequate hardware might struggle to run the game smoothly, causing issues like the black screen.

  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5-6600K or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB
  • Graphics (Video Card): Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 380X

If the issue persists, reaching out to the game’s official support channels or forums can provide valuable insights. Developers or other players might offer specific solutions or workarounds for the black screen problem.

Patience Is Key

While troubleshooting, it’s essential to be patient and persistent. Sometimes, the solution might not be immediate, but with perseverance, you can often overcome the black screen problem.


Encountering a black screen while attempting to play Tekken 8 can be frustrating, but with these troubleshooting steps and a bit of patience, you can often resolve the issue and jump back into the exciting world of Tekken 8.

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