Who is Yuki Tsukumo in JJK Episode 46?

Who is Yuki Tsukumo in JJK Episode 46?

Yuki Tsukumo stands as a formidable figure in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, known for her exceptional skills and unique cursed techniques that set her apart from other sorcerers. JJK Episode 46 was just released and Mahito got absorbed by Kenjaku, also known as Geto.

All the remaining Jujutsu Sorcers united against Kenjaku but he still overpowered everyone. Even Choso joined the fight to protect his brother Itadori Yuji. However, he also got overpowered by Kenjaku.

Who is Yuki Tsukumo in JJK Episode 46?

Who is Yuki Tsukumo in JJK Episode 46?

Uraume was also helping Kenjaku. She uses her cursed technique to freeze everyone and is about to kill everyone, Yuki Tsukumo arrives at the scene and asks a weird question from Geto “What type of women do you like?”

Yuki possesses elite combat instincts and unparalleled talent in jujutsu. Her proficiency lies in various areas, showcasing her prowess in using barrier techniques, domain expansion, and her innate technique.

She is one of the special grade sorcerers just like Yuta, Geto, and Gojo. And she is nearly as strong as them. However, her views are different from those of other Jujutsu sorcerers. She is pretty much the reason why Geto chose the path he chose to kill all non-sorcerers

Cursed Techniques

One of Yuki’s signature techniques is “Star Rage.” This ability allows her to increase her mass virtually, granting immense power to her attacks. By augmenting her mass, she enhances the force behind her strikes, making her blows incredibly potent.

Aoi Todo Mentor

From the question, she asked Geto. Fans must have figured out where Todo got his weirdness from. Yes, she is the one who mentored Aoi Todo and made him a strong Jujutsu Sorcerer. However, Todo in his fight with Mahito lost his arm and his ability to use his cursed technique.

Final Words

Yuki Tsukumo’s prowess in jujutsu, coupled with her exceptional abilities like Star Rage, places her among the elite sorcerers within the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. Her mastery of enhancing virtual mass showcases her incredible strength, making her a formidable and powerful presence in battles. Let’s see how well she does against Kenjaku in the next episode which is going to be the final episode of season 2.

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